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The main aim of the TrainForEducation project was to implement e-learning solutions into continuing fotrestry education creating thus blended learning strategy suitable for VET for forestry professionals.

The TrainForEducation project successfully fulfiled its objectives and the LdV Grant finished on the end of September 2010. Despite these facts, initiatives of TrainForEducation project continue beyond LdV funding period. The coordinator of the TrainForEducation project is LOOKING FOR NEW IDEAS AND ENTHUSIASTIC PARTNERS, (AND PERHAPS SPONSORS TOO) WILLING TO COOPERATE FOR INCREASING ATTRACTIVENESS AND MOTIVATION FOR VET, IMPROVEMENT OF VET EFFICIENCY IN EUROPE THROUGH :

  • European transnational network for sharing learning materials and ideas in continuing forestry education through web-portal

Furthermore, the project coordinator and project partners are ready to provide the project products and experiences to other organisations or individuals for their further exploitation in education and training.

For more information, please contact us at:

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